Music assessment has never been so simple.


No student accounts

Student do not need individual accounts. As a teacher, you don't need to waste time by looking up student credentials, nor do we need to give students another excuse to not complete their assignments.


Any Device

POCO will work on any device that has internet access and a microphone. Don't worry about setting up brand new computers or iPads. Use that older Android tablet or the old school computers to complete assignments!


Student Portfolios

Without student accounts we are still able to gather all student submissions into a portfolio that can be seen by the student, shared with parents and administration, or even used for part of your teacher portfolio!


Unlimited Assignments

Can't find the assignment you want in your current program? Anything is up for grabs with no need to write it out! Our system is open-ended.


Unlimited Assessments

Students may submit their work as many times as they like for each assignment, no need to go unlock the assignment again or grant them access again.


Unlimited Users

Never worry about paying for the number of students you have, then adding or deleting them from your account. One account, one price, unlimited students!


No Restrictions

Most mobile phones make it really difficult to upload audio. So our solution was to make POCO convert video uploads into audio. Students easily take videos of their assignments, POCO will strip out and only upload the audio. Working around restrictions to make your life easier is what we do!

What People Say

Jeremy Smith

Composer, Educator
"The Admin Dashboard is amazing, especially the comments back to the students! It can be personal, like a private lesson. I gave 18 private lessons in 30 minutes, and we do this every week."

Aaron Evens

Director @ Spring Hill High School, TN
"Everything is so simple; the student submits the assignment -- without having to log into anything, I might add -- next I grade it, then students get notified of grades and comments. It tracks student portfolios. Gosh, more people should use this!"

Destiny Holt

Director @ Cheatham High School, TN
"With POCO we don't have to remember student accounts and constantly log in and out; it's made it real easy to share our older Android tablets. We also use POCO because it fits into our small band budget!"

Pricing that's not complicated!

Monthly plans are only avaiable with Credit Card purchases. If you wish to pay with a PO or Check, use the annual billing. All customers receive premium support, always. You can cancel your plan at any time, don't feel bad if POCO isn't for you.

Standard - Monthly


  • Unlimited Students
  • Unlimited Assignments
  • All Devices
  • Audio Uploads

Cards only.
Pro - Monthly


  • Unlimited Students
  • Unlimited Assignments
  • All Devices
  • Video & Audio Uploads

Cards only.
Standard - Annually


  • Unlimited Students
  • Unlimited Assignments
  • All Devices
  • Audio Uploads

Cards, Checks and POs accepted.
Pro - Annually


  • Unlimited Students
  • Unlimited Assignments
  • All Devices
  • Video & Audio Uploads

Cards, Checks and POs accepted.

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